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MapMuse Asks help to Update Auto Museum Database

About 6 months ago, began a project- the interactive mapping of Automotive museums across the US. We initially populated this map ourselves, and then asked classic car enthusiasts to enhance the information. A typical entry includes the name of an automotive museum, a description, a photo, contact information, and a link to a website. We now have one of the most comprehensive databases of automotive museums in the US. If you were one of our contributers, we’d like to thank you for your help!

If you know of any automotive museums that are new or have closed in the last 6 months, I am writing to ask that you update that information on the maps. Also, please add any museums that we are missing. You can make changes through easy to use links on the site- if you have any problems, see .

The Automotive museums Map link follows:

We also have 15 other nationwide maps of automotive topics that may be of interest to you. See the link below for the Automotive Directory:

If you are not familiar with, we are a highly trafficked mapping website with an Alexa traffic rating of approximately 17,000 in the world. MapMuse’s goal is to help people find places related to their interests. We often create maps based on the suggestions of our visitors. If you have an idea for a map, please let us know.

Lastly, if you have an automotive related blog or website, a link or a mention would be greatly appreciated.


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